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Can I auto accept my partner's Vibe Request?
During your first incoming Vibe Request, you will be prompted to include your partner to be your Trusted Partner. Once you have switched it on, subsequent Vibe Request from the same partner will be ac...
How to pair Vibease device to smartphone?
Please follow the steps below to pair your Vibease device to your smartphone. Launch Vibease app, go to Device tab and tap on Connect button. Press and hold onto the Vibease device Power button for ...
How does the long distance remote control work?
Please note that the long distance remote control is only available to you and your connected partner. Follow the steps below for the long distance remote control: You and your partner both go t...
How do I add my partner into my contact list?
Follow the steps below to add your partner into your contact list: In to the Chat tab, tap on the "+" button. If you know your partner's Vibease account nickname, you may add your partner via hi...
Where do I download Vibease app from?
Please access from your smartphone. You will be directed to the appropriate app store to download the correct Vibease application. Alternatively, here is the URL for both iOS...
Can I remotely control more than one Vibease device?
Yes, you can control more than one Vibease device by sending "vibe request" to different contacts.
Can I pair with more than one Vibease?
No, Vibease app allows to pair with one Vibease at a time.
What do I do if I forgot my Vibease Security Pin?
If you forget your Vibease Security Pin, you will need to delete and re-install your Vibease app. Due to security reason, we are not able to reset the Security Pin.
Can iPhone be used to control Vibease device connected to Android phone?
Vibease app is a cross-platform application, the answer is yes, you can use Vibease app from iPhone to communicate with Android phone of vice versa.
How can I delete my Vibease account?
Vibease user account will be disabled automatically after an extended period of inactivity.
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